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Chicago and Metro Chicago Flooded Basement Cleanup

Due to historical flooding we have brought in extra crews to assist with cleanup efforts and can offer same day services for basement flooding, please call us now for priority response by certified techs (updated April, 20)

Help arrives shortly for homeowners in Chicago dealing with basement flooding…from Schaumburg, Joliet, Wheaton, Naperville, Evanston and everywhere in between. We offer 24/7 cleanup for flood disasters!

*Professional structure drying
*Extraction of flood waters
*Disinfecting of porous surfaces
*Rebuilding and reconstruction
*Commercial and residential

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One of the aspects which homeowners seem to be unaware of is that the traditional home insurance coverage does not cover water damages, which arise from basement floods. What this means is that most of the homeowners who are faced with problems of basement flooding have to foot the bills that arise from such damages. What the Insurance Information Institute holds is that water damage that arises from water that is from top down such as ice dams may be covered but when it comes from bottom up as in the case of flooding in your basement, this is not actually covered.

Such kind of damages can be covered through specific floor insurance policy other than the typical home insurance. In the US, the National Flood Insurance Program- NFIP does not cover basement flooding which arises from ground-up leakage into a the basement, since this is not considered typical flooding which occurs from up down water collection such as surface flowing water draining into a basement. NFIP defines a basement as any building area which has a floor below the ground level on all sides.

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Things such as improvement of the finished basement walls, floors of the house and ceilings are not covered by insurance. Similarly, the insurance does not cover personal belongings, furniture and other items. However, the flood insurance organized through the National Flood Insurance Program- NFIP does cover structural and critical equipments that are installed to help in dealing with incidents of flooding in the basement. Items that are protected are such as sump pumps which are used to drain water from the basement.

When you are considering buying insurance cover against your basement flooding, it is important that you discuss with your insurance agent to see the most suitable coverage that can be taken for basement flood problems. Nonetheless, it is advisable that you develop basement flood mitigation measures, which will help in reducing basement floods. When you notice signs such as presence of molds and efflorescence in your home, you need to consult a primed plumber who is experienced in solving basement problems.

This is a proactive way of preventing further damages, which could occur from basement floods. Some of the basement flood problems could arise due to leakages of underground water into the building. If the house basement is set below the water table, and the walls and floor of the basement are not sealed well, this can lead to seepage of water to the floor which can in turn lead to growth of molds.

If drainage system experiences cracks, this can also lead to seepage of water to the basement floor. Other aspects such as tree root networks can contribute to cracks on the basement floor and walls, which can also pave way for water to seep into the floor. All these aspects require experts to establish them and offer concrete solutions. Taking such mitigation measures could avert the damages, which are caused by basement floods since it is most likely that you will not get compensated from such damages if you do not have specialized insurance policy other than the traditional homeowners insurance cover.